Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School

2012 Skills Projects

Theatre demands different muscles and different aspects of one's personality.

Victor Garber (actor)

Graeme du Fresne : Songs in Time (singing)
From the modal music of the ancient Greeks to the experimental music of the 21st century, this course will explore some of the delights and difficulties associated with some vastly different genres and historical styles. Our songs will include: Gregorian Chant, Choral music of the Elizabethan/Jacobean period, some 19th Century classical music, 20th Century jazz, and a contemporary piece. Included in this option will be some new exercises originating from the work of the 'Natural Voice Practitioner's Network'. These are techniques designed to help any participant to sing with freedom and confidence.

Annie Tyson : The Serious Business of Farce (directing)
This course will look at the genre of Farce, what it is and more importantly, what it demands of the actor in terms of physical and mental dexterity. A series of exercises will take us into the challenges of tempo, reaction, asides, obsession and idée fixe, and audience relationship. We shall look at classic farce texts from the English and French repertoire and explore the energy and frantic determination that characterises these wonderfully funny and liberating plays.

Simone Coxall : Walk the Walk in Order to Talk the Talk (acting)
This course will look at the physical world of the character: how you go about creating your character's physicality and how you can physically connect to text. We will explore how inner and outer characteristics can be a useful reference point for your character, and how to feel comfortable in the skin of your character. Psychological gesture and shadow gestures will be part of our tool box of techniques as will character dynamics. We will look also at finding activities in the space useful to your character. We will be working with text, both monologues and duologues and looking at skills to physical connect to the text, so that body and mind are both working together.

Tony Casement : Playing for the Play (acting)
This course will concentrate on bringing various texts to life through games, exercises and techniques that allow an actor to discover the emotional content of a scene whilst also developing trust and intimacy with their fellow participants. Primarily we will seek to engage with a text in a dynamic, non intellectual way, endeavouring to get you out of your heads and into your bodies; sometimes being silly but always 'playing'. For those participants who have in recent years taken courses which have explored 'actioning' techniques, this option provides a fresh and radically different approach to discovering and developing the ability as an actor to transform text from page to stage.