Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School

Selected Student Comments

Without wonder and insight, acting is just a trade. With it, it becomes creation.

Bette Davies (actress)

9th Jun 2012   The thing about Summer School and we all know it is that you take it away and do whatever you are going to do - except better.
11th Aug 2011   I would like to say thank you, I loved the environment and am so happy to have met so many of you, I will never forget my clowning skills and some of those epic warm up songs ;) if you look at me, a penguin you will see.
1st Aug 2011   Fifty-one weeks to Summer School!
1st Aug 2011   My body is in Munich, my soul still at summer school it was great again I've learned a lot, it was thrilling.
1st Aug 2011   As you may have heard me saying these past few days, this was the longest week of my life :)) a great fun-filled summer school and, I hope, the first of many ;) thank you for everything and for the warm welcome, for your smiles, nudges and wacky poetry and for the lovely time spent together
29th Sep 2010   I've been missing Clairefontaine all the people there, the wonderful fun we had. When I was tidying my room the other day, I found the music from the Singing Theme course I did with Graeme in 2009 and still remember all of the songs WITHOUT even having to have the music played for me again. They're great memories ^.^
9th Aug 2010   Thank you for the warm inclusive welcome to the courses, the fun and games, the inside jokes, the songs, the innuendoes.... I had a wonderful time and learnt such a lot.
3rd Aug 2010   Crikey - just how long is it likely to take before I am no longer abso-bluddy-lutely knackered? An absolutely wonderful week. Many many thanks to you all for making a newbie feel so welcome. See you next year, forsooth.
5th Aug 2009   Seriously, thank you all, Fountainers, so much! It has been an overwhelming experience! And where else could I meet such a fantastic bunch of people! I will definitely try to come next year, and nothing will stay in my way :)
5th Aug 2009   After having been on planet Clairefontaine, I made a crash landing in Braine l'Alleud. Gertjan (my husband) had been feeding the cat garden fertilizer pellets; there were loads of dirty laundry; one of my friends called from the depths of despair over a broken relationship; to top it all, I played the worst round of golf in (my) history! But...SPLAT breathing, letting my voice ring out, throwing myself into a monologue while washing dishes, really make me stay connected. I hugely enjoyed being on that planet with you all and I sure hope I can come again next year. This will be my objective , we'll see about the obstacles later...
4th Aug 2009   Thank you all for an amazing time at Summer School. I join the "missing everyone" chorus (with splat breathing and a chair over my head - but what colour is the chair? How loud is it? How soft is it.....? Oh happy days....
4th Aug 2009   The week I spent at summer school was one of the best of my life. It was a wonderful opportunity and I'm extremely grateful to Robin for suggesting I come along! I have loads of dear memories from it. Working on the bar on the last night, making new friends, coming up with disturbing subtexts for "You Never Can Tell" with Libby, the picnic, John's fantastic song, Project 3, the conversations I had with so many lovely and inspiring people daily... the list goes on and on. What I've learnt has definitely stayed with me. I even did some S.P.L.A.T. breathing in the shower this morning! Seriously though, it's been an inspiration. I feel that, thanks not only to the brilliant tutors but also fellow students, I've grown a lot. Thank you for everything.
3rd Aug 2009   Wow what a week. After a break of 8 years it was amazing how quickly I got back in to Summer School. Had a great time, made some new friends and learned a lot. Who could ask for anything more.
3rd Aug 2009   THANK YOU everyone for making that the best summer school ever, by my reckoning. Loved it loved it loved it!
1st Sep 2005   I just read Chris's piece on Michael Deacon, and was moved. His mention of Summer School moments took me straight back to 1999, and that monster combination of Barb's project on VOICE: RITUAL AND PLAY, and Mike's REST PERTURBED SPIRIT, which happened in the courtyard between the back entrance to the bar and the Annexe unplanned, spontaneous juxtaposition. Some things are just overwhelming. That was one. They make an indelible mark.
1st Aug 2000   My second Munsbach was every bit as amazing as my first last year. It was a real joy to see friends from last year and to make new ones this year. The courses were brilliant, challenging, stimulating, exhausting, enriching etc etc. When I saw the Chateau again I felt an enormous glow inside. I felt I had come home. Coming with Sue this year really made it special, I have ranted and raved about Munsbach for the past year to her. Now she has experienced it herself and understands.
1st Jun 2000   Having just read the review of Iphigenia I wanted to congratulate all involved, particularly Edward [Seymour], and say how jealous I am that you have people in Luxembourg who are brave enough to put a play like this on [Iphigenia in Tauris by J.W. von Goethe, translated by E. Seymour]. I hope you were rewarded with good audiences. The reason for my particular interest in this item is that a couple of Munsbachs ago I was lucky enough to work on Iphigenia with Edward in Project III, and enjoyed the experience enormously I am so glad Edward succeeded in putting it on. Almost makes you think life is worth living, doesn't it.