Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School


Advanced Workshop Course

Tutor: Janice Dunn

I love acting. It is so much more real than life.

Oscar Wilde

Intensive Workshop 1 (Writing)

Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th July Janice Dunn


This workshop will be concerned with the marriage of structure, (framework, style) with narrative drive. The HOW being as important as the WHAT. In my experience, many pieces of new writing for theatre have a lack of focus on structure and shape. The workshop would basically encompass how to use structure to allow your creative ideas to bloom. We would examine form, narrative development, drafting (taking criticism), and shaping. It would be suitable for those who have written creatively, and those who want to write creatively. It would be based solely on theatre, and no diverting into TV or film. Everyone would work individually on an original version of something – maybe an idea that has been floating around for a while or alternatively an entirely new idea springing from the energy and ideas discovered on this workshop.
We will:

  • Use a series of exercises to explore form, narrative and shape.
  • Examine how and when to make choices that develop character and move narrative forward.
  • Practice how to grow structure and narrative side by side.
  • Find how to draft usefully and positively.
  • Explore the issues of remaining open about our writing.
Individual participants can develop their work at a pace that suits them. We would work individually, in groups and in 'lab' sessions.