Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School


Project Preferences
  Selection of singing / acting / directing options will be made at the beginning of the course. However, we would like to know if you think you may want to direct a student led project.
I am interested in directing a Student-led project
Special Requirements
I would like to take vegetarian meals (fish instead of meat)
  Please indicate other special needs (vegan, gluten free diet, mobility etc.)**
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I would like a single room at a supplement of €90.00 for the week (subject to availability)
I would like to share a room with
I would like to enrol as a day student (no accomodation)
  I would like to stay one extra night (Friday July 24th) at a supplement of €30.00
  I would like a room with private bathroom at a supplement of €60.0040 for the week (subject to availability).
Subsidised Attendance
  I would like to apply for a LEATSS scholarship, to attend at the special reduced fee of €300.00
Data Privacy
  I consent to LEATSS a.s.b.l. storing my personal data electronically according to their privacy policy
  I consent to photographs taken during LEATSS events that contain images of me being stored electronically and used in publicity material.
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*If your name is not in the list, please use the form: Application for New Students (this ensures your up-to-date details.)
**We cannot guarantee provision for special needs but will do our best