Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School

Who organises LEATSS ?


I think theatre should always be somewhat suspect.

Vaclav Havel (playwright)


LEATSS is organised by a not for profit organisation registered in Luxembourg  who, in conjunction with the Course Director, strive to ensure that a high standard is maintained. We receive no outside financial backing and are therefore independent of any pressure to influence the quality of the work.

As a direct offshoot of the summer schools run until 1988 by the British Theatre Association, LEATSS was primarily hosted by the New World Theatre Club of Luxembourg which provided logistical and administrative support. In February 2017, the LEATSS a.s.b.l. was formed.

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LEATSS a.s.b.l. Siège social : 76 rue Henri Dunant, 1426 Luxembourg
R.C.S Luxembourg No F11197