Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School


Theatre demands different muscles and different aspects of one's personality.

Victor Garber (actor)

DOUBLE D (Development and Delivery)
Janice Dunn: COURSE D
(A week-long immersion course for developing and managing creative material)
Accentuate the positive! Develop meaning and material from moments of inspiration.

This new course will explore how themes and threads link, providing both the inspiration and practical basis for developing creative material with a group or ensemble. Various methods for developing this material will be examined, including a variety of processes and devising work. It will be about Creating, Connecting and Collaborating – The Three C’s.

The Double D project will offer practical skills in creative leading and in elements of directing, producing and facilitating, as well as in the use of improvisation. We will also be playing with the art of collaboration, and how it can provide a structured yet exciting process for participants. The course culminates with the participants working with the tutors to plan and lead a day’s creative collaboration, with everyone, on the final Saturday.
The course covers a variety of styles and genres including music, text and physical work. The course is open to anyone who feels they have something to learn from, and offer to, a collaborative process. It doesn't matter if you have never led, directed or run a workshop before. It is more important that you are interested in ideas, and how creative processes work, and how individuals can work together to produce something vital and creative on a common theme.
This is a new departure for summer school Double D will be exciting and will have an element of the unknown about it. It is important that you find this idea appealing, rather than daunting, if you want to take part in the course. However, it won't actually be daunting at all. It will be F times three: fun, fascinating, and full of possibilities!