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Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School


Movement Director, Teacher and Writer

Actors should be overheard, not listened to.

Shirley Booth (actress)

Ris Widdicombe Ris studied English and Theatre Studies at Lancaster University and trained at Britain's leading physical theatre school, The Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre, where she now teaches. She is the founder of Mimus Mimandus, a touring company focusing on Brazilian themes, and performs solo as a clown/jester. She was a member of the board of Mime Action Group [now Total Theatre] with a particular interest in training and has written extensively for Total Theatre magazine. Ris  spent six months in Rio de Janeiro working with Augusto Boal and Teatro do Oprimido and filmed his workshops both in Brazil and with the RSC in the UK.

(last updated 1999)

Ris Widdicombe was a tutor in: 1999