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On-line Course (Nov 2020)

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On-line Course (Nov 2020)

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On-line Course (Nov 2020)

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On-line Course (Nov 2020)

Freddie Machin: The Writers Room
An opportunity to write, share your work and receive honest feedback

They say that everybody has a book in them, but in my experience most people only have the first few pages, a couple of characters that inspire them, or an idea in the early stages. So where can you go for some honest critical feedback, that will help you to develop your idea into a complete story?

The LEATSS Writers Room is an opportunity to share what you have been working on with fellow writers. You might have had an idea during lockdown for a short story, you may have written the first scene of a play, or maybe you've been sitting on an idea for a novel for years – this is your chance to share it and take some suggestions on how to develop it. Alternatively, you might not feel that you've found that big idea yet but would still like to take part.
In the week running up to the workshops, participants will send a series of daily writing prompts to complete, so you can write something new, and bring it to the workshop.

Not only will all participants hear their work read aloud, and discussed within the group, but I will also follow up with some provocations and feedback on where to take the idea next.

I will also offer a follow-on email consultation, after the workshop, on your final writing offer. This is not part of the course but is offered as an optional extra to the course (price 35€).


Graeme Du Fresne: Singing For Musical Theatre: Connecting Sound and Emotion
Enjoying the chance to express oneself through song while exploring singing technique

The course will include some ensemble work where we will work on warming up our voices and developing our technique. We will begin each session with this work then move on to songs from Musical Theatre which we will look at from both a musical and acting through song perspective.

We will learn a song together as a group and subsequently each participant will be allocated some individual tutorial time to work on the song. I will send you sheet music and backing tracks as soon as I have confirmation of the attendees. My aim is always pretty much fixed as a desire to work hard and have fun while we’re doing it.

Provisional choices of material include Losing My Mind from ‘Follies’ by Stephen Sondheim, The Impossible Dream from ‘Man Of La Mancha’ by Mitch Leigh, It All Fades Away from ‘The Bridges Of Madison County’ by Jason Robert Brown and Chimp In A Suit from ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ by David Yazbek.

TECHNOLOGY: This can be a daunting aspect if you’ve had little or no experience of software and gadgets in general. Should any participant require, I will run a training workshop in the run up to the workshop where we will go through all the devices and procedures required to get us all listening and seeing each other as clearly as possible. I have created a ‘Zoom for Singing’ help document which is in the Student Area on the LEATSS website.


Janice Dunn: Strength of Character
Using various techniques to practically examine useful ways to act as somebody else

We hear so much talk, in theatre circles, about “character actors”, and “staying in character”, as well as the ever popular, “it’s a character role”. This last one normally means they want you to play it as a broad stereotype!

Yet all roles are character roles; and all actors are therefore character actors.

Our workshop will explore methods and exercises that simplify and crystalise the process of creating, and developing, and maintaining a character, in any type of play or production: from Pantomime to Shakespeare, (and all in between).

Over two days we will use group work, pair work on script, and other impro and text work, to practically examine useful ways to act as somebody else.

This will be a fun, fast-paced, and positive workshop experience, suitable for both experienced and less experienced performers. All are welcome to come and experience some new character processes, and lots of tips and tricks. (This is neither a ‘Method’, nor a ‘Meisner’ class, although those processes may well be referred to.)

No-one will be forced to present things, or exposed in any way, during the workshop. It will be an open learning experience, responding to the needs of the group.

Janice Dunn: Toolbox for Directors
Exploring what a director actually does, behind the myths, and how to do it most effectively

“Don’t you just tell people where to stand?”

“Weren’t you a very good actor then?”

“What do you do if the actors won’t learn their lines?”

“What is it that you actually do?”

“Is it nice being the boss?”

This workshop explores what the director actually does, behind the myths, and then how to do it most effectively, creatively and painlessly.

As a group we will examine some practical and extremely useful exercises, methods and general approaches for directing non-professionals, and semi-professionals.

We will look at:


  • ·         Organising and scheduling that works for everyone.
  • ·         Issues around casting.
  • ·         Working well in the rehearsal room.
  • ·         A positive technical/ production week.
  • ·         Giving cast notes that help!
  • ·         Creative vision; where to find it and how to use it.


The role of the director varies from group to group, and show to show; but there is an identity one can forge as a director, which works successfully across all types of casts and projects.

This workshop will be suitable for beginners to directing, as well as more experienced directors who would like to freshen up ideas, or add a few more strings to their directorial bow.

NOTE: This will be a workshop for directing existing plays and/or new plays; not devising plays. We will be working on techniques with text and actors, rather than on improvisation techniques.


Stephanie Hume: Finding the Actors
An insight into the world of casting and how to get the best out of an audition

This webinar will give you an insight into the world of casting as well as an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the industry and auditions in general. I will unveil the process and the role of the Casting Director, look at different tools actors can use to find work and give tips on how to get the best out of any audition.

This session is suitable for anyone interested in hearing more about how casting works and what the job of a Casting Director involves. Whether you are an actor looking to feel more empowered at your auditions or a creative mind who is just keen to know more about the casting world, this session will be an honest and friendly environment to explore it all.