Regular Summer School Costs and Payment

All-in charge to students for 2020
  Residential (shared accommodation, all meals)  €800.00  
  Day student (all meals)  €600.00  
Additional fees :
  Single or single occupancy room*  €100.00  
  Single room with en-suite toilet and shower1    €160.00  
  Double occupancy of room with en-suite toilet and shower1  €80.00  
  Overnight stay on Friday preceding Summer School   €30.00   - 45.002

Deposit :

Deposits are required in order to secure a place at Summer School. Applicants failing to pay the deposit by the deadline will be deemed to have withdrawn and will be removed from the registration list.
  Deposit  to be paid by Balance to be paid by
Residential   €350.00 31st May €450 15th July
Day student  €300.00 31st May €300 15th July
1 subject to availability
2 depends on type of accommodation